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What Should I Spend on Wedding Photography

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In the not too distant past, no self respecting wedding photographer would use anything less than a medium format Hasselblad camera as the customer understood and demanded quality photographs shot on top of the range equipment which was expensive.  Unfortunately, things have changed and a high proportion of photographers are using low cost cameras and lenses which reflects on the quality.  In this day and age, with the technology which is packed into a smart phone, such as the iPhone 11, one can get very acceptable results.  However, when you are hiring a professional wedding photographer, you should not only be getting a photographer who uses top of the range equipment so that your images are sublime, but also they have the experience of shooting many weddings.

You will not find a press photographer or a fashion photographer who uses anything less than the top of the range Nikon equipment because they know that when they submit their images to the publication’s editor, they would be thrown out.  However, it baffles me somewhat that brides and grooms accept poor quality photographs which are badly composed.

I use top of the range Nikon cameras and lenses, the same which is used by photographers who shoot for Vogue, Cosmopolitan as I want my customers to have the best quality images.  Unfortunately, this equipment does not come cheap and does not last forever and needs to be updated on a regular basis.  So, now I will answer the question “what should I spend on a wedding photographer?”  The axiom used to be 10% of your wedding budget.  To quantify this, I believe that you should be spending between £1000-£2000 depending on whether you want a wedding album.  The other thing to take into account is that any wedding photographer should be fully insured i.e. he/she needs to have indemnity and public liability insurance just in case something happens as the last thing you want is the venue asking you to pay for any damage.

So, to sum up, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and when the party has finished, the hire suits returned, the wedding dress put in the cupboard and the flowers have died, all that remains will be memories of the day AND the photographs – that’s why I always set a target of anywhere between 1,000-2,000 images, that way, the bride and groom, family and friends can re-live the day over a glass of wine and remember each moment as it was captured.

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