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Although I live in north Leeds and blessed with wonderful local countryside, when it comes to wedding venues, I feel that north Yorkshire has the upper hand.  Last year I was honoured by having over 9 weddings at the Bridge Hotel and Spa, Walshford near Wetherby.  This happens to be one of my favourite venues.  Weather permitting, you can have your wedding outside or there are several wonderful rooms in the hotel.  My favourite is the Byron Suite – this venue dots all the ‘i’s and crosses all the ‘t’s.  Parking is no problem for you and your guests, weather permitting there are some great outdoor backdrops for those romantic bride and groom shots and family shots.  There is also an elevated area where I can get an aerial shot of all the guests.  If the weather is not great, we can use the Byron Suite (if available).

In no way am I connected to the Bridge Inn Hotel, I just like to give my opinion on hotels where I think they have gone the extra mile.

I am one of the few photographers that always carries with me powerful studio lights which means that you would get the same quality of photographs as you would outside rather than relying on those on-camera flash which just do not cut the ice.  I have always found the staff very friendly and helpful at the hotel and one of the bonus points is that it’s only 14 miles away from me so the travel time is usually less than 30 minutes.

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