Wedding Photography Covid-19

Wedding Photography During Covid-19

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COVID-19 has and is causing lots of uncertainty, especially for those brides and grooms who had planned to have their wedding this year.

The question is “should I cancel my wedding or postpone it?”

This question is very close to home as my son has planned his wedding for January 2021.  Having read a lot of articles in the press (BBC), I feel it’s unlikely that things will return to normal for a long time.  In fact, having read an article in The Times today,  it was muted that weddings may be allowed but with only 10 people present.  Bearing this in mind, I have suggested to my son and his fiancee that they still get married on the date they already have and have their party later on in the year.

I have also had a lot of my clients who have booked their weddings for this year and have asked for my thoughts and so I have suggested the same advice.

The question arises should you still have a photographer when the wedding party will be somewhat reduced.  I have photographed weddings where there has been less than 10 people present and the bride and groom have thought it very important that they recorded the event using a professional photographer.

When a bride and groom get married, it is very special.  The way they look at each other creates a special ora which cannot be recreated at any other time and it is that image of the bride and groom – after they have got married – that needs to be captured.

So, I am offering a COVID-19 wedding photography package which includes capturing the ceremony and pictures of the bride and groom afterwards observing social distancing.  The cost of the package, which includes  digital images is £299 or £399 if you would like me to include 3 hand printed A4 photographs.

You can contact me on 07812 390 568 or 0113 266 3600 to discuss your wedding.

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Wedding Photography During Covid-19