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When the decision is made to higher a professional wedding  photographer, the question comes to mind as to how much should I spend.  The axiom used to be 10% of your budget should be set aside for photography.  When researching for the cost of wedding photography, you will find that the price can range from as little as £150 to well over £2,000.  While arguably, there is a big difference between what you will get for £150 and £1500, then you will find there is little difference between a photographer charging in excess of £1500.

The question is why does wedding photography cost so much money.  I can only speak for myself but to just give you some highlighted figures, my insurance, which includes public liability and equipment insurance costs in the region of £800 per year plus I have over £30,000 worth of photographic equipment and professional fees to pay.  I would always suggest when hiring a photographer, it is prudent to make sure that they are fully insured because if they cause any damage at the venue, you may be liable for the costs of putting that right.

There is a big argument about photographic equipment.  Do wedding photographers really need to have expensive cameras? One answer to this question would be: would the Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton be so successful if he did not have the best racing car and back up team that could be afforded?  In simple terms, with wedding photography, you get what you pay for and really do you want to risk hiring a cheap photographer?  If wedding photographs are not important to you, then maybe you should have a look at my blog on taking photographs using your iPhone.

The other point I strongly make is that where possible you should go and visit the photographer at their premises even if they operate from home as the number of horror stories I hear on an annual basis of photographers who disappear from the face of the earth and the only contact details the bride and groom have is a phone number that now is disconnected.

My prices start from as little as £799 and one should look at this as an investment as wedding photographs are handed down from generation to generation and are regarded as an heirloom.

This bridal portrait was taken at Fountain’s Abbey and reflects what can be achieved by an artistic photographer (me!), top of the range equipment and lighting.

If you would like to discuss your wedding photography – even if you just want advice – please contact me and I would love to chat to you without any commitment.

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