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It’s nearly 2 years since Victoria and Mark visited me to discuss wedding photography and possibly book me for their wedding in September 2019 at the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate.  They chose my titanium package which includes all day photography, hand printed photographs and 3 hand made wedding albums.  I was very pleased that they had chosen a package that included photographs and wedding albums as most couples these days, tend to only go for the digital image package which just gives them images on a USB.  I always like to give a finished product and when a couple choose to have a package that includes a wedding album, I am delighted as I know that they have ended up with a finished product.  Unfortunately, when couples get the images on USB, they remain in digital format and never make their way into an album or on to the mantelpiece.

Victoria and Mark were delighted with the photographs, you can see their review for their google review and they said to me that one of the most difficult tasks was picking the 120 images for the book.  After some time period, they provided me with a list of 120 images and I designed an album for them and a PDF proof was sent for their approval.  After a couple of minor changes, they approved the book and I sent the design to be professionally printed by a Yorkshire company who hand makes these albums.  Unfortunately the company had to temporarily close for a few months due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  They re-opened mid June and within 3 weeks, the albums were ready.

Victoria and Mark received their albums last Monday and when I spoke to  Victoria, she was over the moon with the albums and she was so glad that she had actually chosen a package that included wedding albums and said that it was one of the wisest investments of the wedding.

On another topic, call me old fashioned but when I produce a bridal portrait and it is hand printed by me, I always feel that this is something which lasts a life time.

In conclusion, if you do not feel it necessary to invest in a wedding album, then at least have one large hand printed photograph.

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