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Wedding photography is about story telling.  So, in some way, I do not see myself as a wedding photographer but a storyteller.  To be a good story teller arguably, you have to know the subject matter inside out and from every angle and have lots of experience of the subject in question and a real passion for what you are writing about – or in my case, taking photographs.  It’s all about capturing those precious moments, freezing time and pressing the shutter at the decisive moment – the Henri Cartier-Bresson way.

With wedding photography, you need to be 5 steps ahead.  You need to know where to be at the right moment in time and this is where experience matters.  The photographer with many years of experience will capture images which the less seasoned photographer will miss.

Camera and lenses and photographic equipment is all very important just as Lewis Hamilton has the best Formula 1 car which enables him to have a marked advantage over other drivers.  Modern camera equipment allows you to capture images that only a few years ago were not possible.  I am very passionate about my wedding photography and I like to make sure that my clients have stunning photographs which tell the story of the day as it unfolds.  I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio on this website and looking at my photographs on FaceBook.

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