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By October 4, 2020No Comments

Whether you have just 4 people at your wedding (the legal requirement in the UK), or over 200, most couples like to have a photograph on the wall to mark this occasion.  During these strange times, it is quite understandable that brides and grooms find it hard to justify spending a large amount of money on a professional wedding photographer.

However, most wedding photographers have minimal work and therefore, most would be happy to produce a photograph of the happy couple at a lower charge.  I believe that most photographers, including myself would be willing to cover the wedding ceremony and take some nice wedding photographs of the couple for around £200 (approximately 2 hours coverage).  If you want to haggle, you may be able to have some hand printed photographs included in this price.

Having spent some time over the past few months looking at wedding photographs on social media such as Instagram and FaceBook, it upsets me to see such poor quality wedding photography when the bride and groom don’t have a professional photographer to take the minimum of photographs.  I would argue that the £200 investment would be money well spent.

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Rudding Park Wedding - bride sitting on the stairs