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Paradoxically, in the modern age of digital photography, more photographs are deleted than are kept.  In a recent survey, when asked what would people rescue from their home if it was destroyed by a disaster, the answer, surprisingly, was photographs.  The most treasured photographs used to be of weddings and significant life events such as Confirmations, Baptisms and  Bar/Bat mitzvahs.  These events traditionally were marked by having a formal photographer produce a high quality photograph which would be framed and either placed on the mantelpiece or on the wall.

As a professional photographer, I always feel that my work is not complete until I have actually printed a photograph for my client.  Although a lot of clients like the idea of having their images on a USB so that they can print them if they wish, the quality of those photographs is usually quite limited and longevity is limited also.  A number of my wedding photography packages include hand printed giclee photographs using archival acid-free paper.

In Yorkshire we are blessed with beautiful countryside.  What can be more pleasing than having a wedding photograph which has been taken with this beautiful backdrop on one’s wall?  When talking about wedding photography I am of the belief that having your images professionally presented in a wedding album is the best way to present your wedding day.  Wedding albums can range in price from as little as £100 up to several thousand pounds for those designer albums that are leather bound.  I personally use a local Yorkshire printer who produces handmade A3 wedding coffee table books but because the books are made for me, any size can be made.  The reason why I prefer to use coffee table books is that they are modern and fresh as opposed to the traditional wedding album which has thick pages reminiscent of a child’s first book.

For bookings made up to the end of 2020, I am including a free A4 hand printed photograph so even if you choose a package which doesn’t include printed photographs, you will have at least one professionally printed image to put on your wall.

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