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Do you need a professional Wedding Photographer?

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Experts estimate the average wedding now costs anywhere from £18,000 plus but there are ways to cut back. (


Do you really need a professional wedding photographer?  If you are only after candid shots, then arguably a modern camera phone will do the job.


If you are working on a tight budget but would still like to have a few professional photographs, then why not hire a professional wedding photographer for a couple of hours?


A professional wedding photographer will capture the moments that others will miss.  They will understand how to create flattering, nicely composed and exposed images.


Using professional photographic equipment will enable the photographer to capture high quality images that will freeze the moment for eternity.


Wedding photography is unregulated in the UK so always do due diligence.  Always visit the photographer at their place of work, do not pay cash and ask for their terms and conditions.

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