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Cameras for Wedding Photography

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Wedding photography demands that you’re an expert press, fashion and sports photographer! Ideally speaking, in order to capture the image and the quality, you would need three types of camera.  The press photographer is all about capturing the moment so you need a light unobtrusive camera, although picture quality is important, the image has priority.  The sports photographer needs a fast acting camera.  If he misses that all important moment, then he won’t get paid.  The fashion photographer is all about the quality of the image and speed is not important.

The one thing that perplexes me, of the three genres, you need a high quality camera with high quality lenses.  I find it very surprising that so many wedding photographers use budget equipment which means that they miss a lot of shots and the quality they capture is not of the highest standard.  I have invested a huge amount of money in the best equipment and the best lenses so that when I am actually photographing weddings, I can capture the moment with the best possible camera.  I am not saying that it’s not possible to photograph a wedding with budget equipment, but they will be comprising on the shots that they can capture along with the quality.

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