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Why is booking a wedding photographer so daunting?

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There are so many photographers around even talented friends and family that  you’d think finding your wedding photographer would be easy.  With a few simple ground rules, you’ll find that narrowing down that list gets a lot easier.

The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) is the leading qualifying and governing photographic body in the UK.  They are a not-for-profit organisation that believes education, qualifications and professional development lead to professional photographers.  BIPP qualifications are recognised across the world as a
benchmark of excellence and members of BIPP are bound by a strict code of conduct. The BIPP has a network of over 3,500 photographers around the world and we know what makes a good photographer.

Points to consider

  • Think carefully before entrusting your photos to a friend or family member. What happens if something goes wrong?   Will it destroy the friendship, or would you be able to forgive them?
  • Recommendation is the best starting point. Can any friends or family recommend their photographer?
  • Is the photographer professionally qualified? Look for the letters BA, BIPP after the photographer’s name.  This reflects a professional level of experience, skill and achievement.
  • What style of photographs are you looking for?  For example, would you prefer a more relaxed reportage style or a more formal approach or a mixture?  Does your photographer understand these styles and your requirements?
  • Meet with the photographer at their studio.  Don’t make any decision at your first meeting with a photographer.  Avoid hard sell tactics!
  • Do you like the photographer’s work?
  • Do you like the photographer?  They will be sharing one of the most important days of your life and you’ll naturally respond better to someone you like.
  • Does the photographer have Professional Indemnity insurance cover?
  • Does the photographer have professional cameras, lenses and lights and contingency plans?

Once you’ve chosen your photographer:

  • Take time to discuss your requirements.  Ensure you receive written terms and conditions of business before parting with any money.  Ask the photographer if any cancellation charges apply.
  • Consider having a pre-wedding meeting.  This gives you and your photographer a chance to get to know each other even better and you will feel more prepared and more at ease with him/her on the big day!
  • Check that the photographer you meet will be the same one who does the work on the day.
  • Discuss what happens after your wedding.  Timescales, presentations etc.
  • Remember – the key to great images is great communication with your photographer before the wedding.

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