Yorkshire Wedding Photography at The Old Swan Harrogate North Yorkshire

Yorkshire Wedding Photography at The Old Swan Harrogate North Yorkshire

Yorkshire Wedding Photography at The Old Swan Harrogate North Yorkshire

Old Swan Hotel Wedding Venue – North Yorkshire

If you are looking for a Harrogate wedding venue that combines traditional charm with modern style and impeccable service, then The Old Swan Hotel Wedding Venue is perfect for you.

With grand architecture which dates back to 1840, beautiful and peaceful gardens as a backdrop for your important photograph.

I have been photographing weddings at the Old Swan in Harrogate for over 10 years, I know the best locations to capture those magical photographs of the Bride and Groom and Wedding guests.




Weddings Old Swan Harrogate

Weddings Old Swan Harrogate

Weddings Old Swan Harrogate

On this occasion I have copied the email I received from the Bride.

Thank you for everything- the photos look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! We are so so so happy with your hard work and your talent. I highly recommend you- I would be more than happy to write a 1000000 star review. Please send me the link.

I will also get back to you on our top pics.

Thank you again for being there to capture our moments. You are so amazing as a person too- really kind and genuine. You’re all around an incredible photographer and human being!


Tomoko and John 26/03/18

Muslim Wedding Ceremony Nikam

Wedding Photographer Leeds Harrogate York

Muslim Wedding Ceremony Nikam

14th February, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to have a wedding.  I was very honoured to be asked to photograph the Nikam ceremony at a Muslim wedding. Although I have only photographed 10 Muslim weddings, I always feel it’s a special honour to be commissioned to photograph such a special occasion.  I was particularly humbled by the fact that the bride and groom, after wading through many photographers’ images, chose me to photograph this wedding on the strength of my wedding photography.  The bride and groom were looking for something other than traditional photographs and liked my natural approach with   no forced poses and set-up shots.

The ceremony started at 6.00pm and finished at 10.00pm.  I was overwhelmed by the colours and the vibrancy of the dresses.  The bride and groom received their images 48 hours after the event and after they had viewed them, they contacted me to say how pleased they were and to quote them “the images were brilliant and we are very pleased with how discreet and unobtrusive you were”.

Wedding Photography 2017

best wedding photographers in Leeds 2017

A Retrospect of Wedding Photography 2017

Looking back at wedding photography in 2017, it has been quite an eclectic year.  I have photographed Jewish weddings including one in the Queens Hotel, Leeds and a Jewish wedding in Hampshire, a Hindu wedding at Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire, a Nigerian wedding at Leeds Cathedral, a wedding in a brewery and a wedding in Harrogate at which the Harrogate Brass Band played at the wedding ceremony.  It has also been a year of LGBT weddings including a Japanese themed wedding.

I have been awarded one of the best photographers in Leeds 2017 (second year running)

The style for 2017 has been less formal than previous years with the emphasis on candid photography.  However, there has still been the request for traditional bride and groom and family photographs but this has usually been kept to a minimum.  The landscape of professional photography has changed, where less people seem to want professional wedding photographers and opt for amateur photographers.  However, a recent poll has shown that when couples do not use professional wedding photographers and have opted for amateurs, they have been disappointed with the results and wished they had made the investment in an experienced, qualified wedding photographer.

I am looking forward to 2018 when I have an even more eclectic mix of weddings including weddings at railway stations in North Yorkshire(!) and donkey sanctuaries(!)