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Advice For Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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Advice For Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Continuing my previous blogs about choosing a wedding photographer, here’s some more help and advice:

  • Where possible, it’s important to visit the photographer at his home or studio as I hear of many photographers disappearing off the face of the earth leaving brides and grooms distressed with no wedding photographs.  At least if you visit them, you will know from where they operate and have an address that if things go wrong, you can make contact or visit them.

  • I would recommend obtaining a landline phone number as anyone can operate from a mobile phone number and this offers you little or no security should things go awry.

  • Insurance is also very important.  You should ask to see the photographer’s insurance including personal indemnity and public liability because if the photographer causes any damage at your venue or injures a guest, you may be held personally responsible.

  • Unfortunately, there are lots of amateur photographers out there posing as professional wedding photographers.  One way to differentiate them is by the level of equipment they own.  Although, arguably, it’s the photographer who creates the images and not the camera, Lewis Hamilton would not manage to be a world champion driver if it wasn’t for the fact that he is equipped with the best machines.  The bottom line is that equipment does make a difference if used in the hands of a professional.  As a guideline, cameras used by top photographers include Nikon D5, Canon 1D or Sony A9.  Anyone using less than this equipment, I would question whether they will produce the quality of results you will be after.

  • If I can help any prospective bride and grooms with advice whether or not they are using me, then I would be more than happy to speak to you.

Being a Yorkshire wedding photographer based in Leeds covering Leeds, Harrogate and York, I pride myself on the service I offer and at times I feel embarrassed that the industry is let down by so-called rogue photographers as photography is unregulated and unfortunately brides and grooms do not have sufficient knowledge to differentiate the good, bad and the ugly.