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Special Roles for Grandparents at Weddings

Most immediate family members have traditional roles to play on the wedding day: The bride’s father escorts her down the aisle, the groom’s mother shares a dance with him at the reception, and siblings are often included in the wedding party. In some cultures, there are also customary roles for grandparents: In Jewish wedding ceremonies, they walk in the processional, entering second, after the rabbi and cantor; as part of a traditional Chinese wedding, the bride and groom may serve tea to their relatives, including grandparents. Many brides and grooms, however, are unsure how to include these special relatives. Here are some suggestions.

If you simply want to acknowledge your grandparents as honored guests, you can have corsages and boutonnieres made for them to wear. You might also arrange for the ushers or groomsmen to escort the grandmothers, with the grandfathers following, down the aisle to the front of the seating area. Writing a dedication in your program is an opportunity to let them and your other guests know just how much their presence is valued.


Special Roles for Grandparents at Weddings

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