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Barmbyfields Barns Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Set just outside the village of Barmby Moor, near York, Barmbyfields is a collection of rural barns, tastefully renovated to retain their rustic charm. The venue is unique, offering a refreshing, alternative to the conventional venue, adding something different for your special event! A unique opportunity to create your very own original and truly memorable celebration.

The Perfect Wedding location in North Yorkshire


Barmbyfields Barns Yorkshire Wedding Photographer


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Weddings Granary Wharf Leeds West Yorkshire 

Granary Wharf, just a five minute walk from Leeds city centre, is the ideal beauty spot to spend a few hours outside and enjoy the picturesque waterside setting. Strolling down to the area from the canal side, you can enjoy the ambience of this stunning area with cobbled bridges and the original working locks of the waterways. Enter either from Water Lane, Holbeck, over the bridge and down the steps around our striking Candle House residential building or over the sparkling new footbridge approach from Neville Street, walking underneath our other residential block, the copper-clad Waterman’s Place.


Weddings Granary Wharf Leeds

Weddings Granary Wharf Leeds


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Jewish Wedding Photography Harrogate

Jewish Wedding photography is full of action & fun, with not a moment to spare.

You need to be at the top of your game to capture the ambience of the event.

The gladdening of the bride, in which guests dance around the bride, and can include the use of “shtick”—silly items such as signs, banners, costumes, confetti, and jump ropes made of table napkins.

Jewish Wedding Photography Harrogate



Jewish Wedding Photographer Harrogate



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